Fine Antique and Vintage Microscopes,
Parts, Accessores and Manuals

Nikon Manuals and Brochures listed below and on the continuing pages are in pdf format, and can be purchased via download. Purchasers will get and automated e-mail with instuctions for download of individual manuals, be sure your "SPAM BLOCKER" is turned off. The automated e-mail is tied to your IP address so it can't be forwarded and links expire in three days. If your time expires before you download, contact me and I can resend using the address provided by PayPal. For obvious reasons "High Speed" internet conections are recommended.

Nikon Mdl H Microscope.pdf
12 pgs
Nikon Microscope Model S Instructions.pdf
20 pgs
Nikon Microscope Model Su Brochure.pdf
19 pgs
Nikon Microscope Phase Contrast Equipment.pdf
8 pgs
Nikon Microscope S-Kt Manual.pdf
27 pgs
Nikon Alphaphot 2 Microscope Instructions.pdf
14 pgs
Nikon Apophot Microscope Brochure.pdf
30 pgs
Nikon Optiphot-Labophot Phase Contrast Equipment Instructions.pdf
18 pgs
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